Betina Hunt

Accountant – Minister – Transitional Strategist – Web Show Host

Web Show Host

Let’s Talk About It Woman to Woman

Discussions on real life issues woman face on a daily basis

Many women are full of emotional distress and pain. When hurt and pain go unaddressed there can be no healing. One reason for emotional and mental breakdowns is the fact that we refuse to address those issues. We as women must realize that we are not the only woman who has experienced what we have to face on a daily basis. It’s time that we open up and share, without passing judgment so that we can help someone else.

The situations you survive, I believe are results of the choices you’ve made. You have
control over what you choose. With every choice, there are consequences assigned to it. You have a story and it’s time to tell it. It’s time to let go of past hurts. It’s time to forgive so You can move on. Let’s talk about it…woman to woman.

Lets Talk About It Flyer

Let’s Talk About It…Woman to Woman is an internet talk show hosted by Betina Hunt for the purpose of women coming together to discuss issues that we face every day and how we overcome those obstacles. To be a guest on the show or for more information, visit the website at or send an email to



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